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BFNL Welcomes Board Members for 2024

Last night our BFNL 2024 Board held their first meeting. We would like to welcome incoming BFNL Board Members Holly McEldrew and Rod Ward.

We say thank you to our 2023 Board members that assisted throughout 2023 and have now finished their term on the BFNL Board.

Adrian Bettio will continue to be the Chairperson of the BFNL Board in 2024.

Robert Simmonds has stepped into the Vice Chair Role and will work closely with Adrian over the coming season.

Our 2024 Board Members will take on the following roles in 2024.

Chairperson: Adrian Bettio
Vice Chairperson: Robert Simmonds
Finance: Gerard Harrington
Netball Directors: Brigette Mihaljevic & Alissa Harris
Executive Director: Rod Ward
Junior Football Directors: Barry Agg
BFLW Directors: Robert Simmonds & Holly McEldrew
Senior Football Director: Peter Earl

We look forward to a great season ahead of football and netball in 2024.