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At the Bar with Ned Nash

At The Bar

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  • Club:
    North Ballarat
  • Age:
  • Preferred Position:
  • Previous Clubs:
    Lake Wendouree
  • Occupation:
  • Footy Highlight:
    2023 BFNL Grand Final
  • Hobbies:
    Gym, Johnny Alloo Coffee

INSIDER: Your new role forward has been an encouraging success this season with 18 goals (comp rank #10) whose idea was it and what was the motivation?

NED NASH: Maccas’ (Brendan McCartney’s) idea. Practice match theory, add a string to the bow. Was once a forward in juniors.

INSIDER: Name the #1 non-negotiable we would expect your coach Brendan McCartney to write first on the white board?

NN: Turn up and step in!

INSIDER: Describe each of your off season recruits in a word.

NN: Mal White - silky, Liam Deering - reliable, Daikin Morris - tough, Noah Cockerill - solid.

INSIDER: Name your favorite BFNL ground away from Mars Stadium?

NN: CE Brown Reserve, Lake Wendouree

INSIDER: No Jamie Quick (ankle) recently and Stewart Crameri (hamstring) has been unsighted. What's the update on those two?

NN: Not sure, but I’m tipping Cramers to play before Quicky (medium term)

INSIDER: How do you think you're travelling compared to mid-season last year?

NN: On par, tough team to get into last year but we're more organised this year.

INSIDER: Who is your harshest critic in the family?

NN: I was thinking Mum, but on second thoughts definitely NAN!

INSIDER: Who is the best team you've played this season?

NN: Melton

INSIDER: Was covid primarily responsible for your disappointing loss to Sunbury?

NN: No, we were terrible - way off, no connection. That can happen in footy.

INSIDER: In a freakish sense, which player at the club can do things on-field that others can't?

NN: Reggie Palmer

INSIDER: Who at the club has the most upside from a junior perspective?

NN: Hugh Trigg

INSIDER: Who at North Ballarat would you like kicking for goal after the siren to win you a game of footy?

NN: Riley Polkinghorne (Pfft..!! - nah, i'm happy to take it!!)

INSIDER: Who is the quickest at the club over 20m?

NN: Isaac Carey

INSIDER: Who is your favorite footy person(s) at the club?

NN: Andrew Ferguson

INSIDER: Who is the last person you would like to share a room with on a trip away?

NN: Nelson Troon

INSIDER: What’s your poison (preferred drink)?

NN: Vodka Red Bull

INSIDER: What's your favorite thing that is considered authentically Australian?

NN: Vegemite

INSIDER: Favorite city to live in outside of Australia?

NN: Boston, USA

INSIDER: Which of the following best describes you - a reader, a gamer, a raver, a commentator?

NN; A raver!

INSIDER: What's your favorite TV series to stream at the moment?

NN: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Disney+)

INSIDER: Give us your footy head rating out of 10? How do you consume footy from week to week?

NN: Keen viewer and reader of AFL and BFNL. Yeah, I'm on it - solid 8 I reckon!

INSIDER: If you had to cook for the whole club what would be your signature dish of approval?

NN: Steak and potatoes, boys would love it!

INSIDER: Who at the club would most likely win a million dollars on a quiz show?

NN: Brainiac numbers are low at North (ha, ha!) - but I’ll back in Brayden Purchase!

INSIDER: Who at the club thinks they're funnier than they really are?

NN: Max Faulkner

INSIDER: Favorite AFL club and player?

NN: Richmond, Nick Vlaustin.

INSIDER: If you could add three players from other BFNL clubs to your list, who would you pick?

NN: Jordy Cotter (Melton), MIkitja Rottumah-Onus (East Point), Joel Cadman (Darley).