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At the Bar with Elise Cook

At The Bar

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  • Club:
    Bacchus Marsh/GWV Rebels
  • Age:
  • Preferred Position:
  • Junior Club:
    Bacchus Marsh
  • Hobbies:
    More footy!
  • Footy Highlights:
    Geelong VFLW debut, Vic Country selection U16s & U18s

INSIDER: Congrats Elise on your VFLW debut with the Cats - how was that level compared to other representative matches you've played in? 

ELISE COOK: I really enjoyed the experience, it was a lot faster.

INSIDER: What was your role?

EC: Inside Mid and Centre Half Back

INSIDER: How did you end up on the Geelong VFLW radar?

EC: Through the Coates Talent league (GWV Rebels)

INSIDER: What would be the first non-negotiable GWV Rebels coach Sally Riley would write on the white board?

EC: United, relentless, discipline are the Rebels’ values.

INSIDER: Great news to hear of your selection in the Vic Country squad - when and where are the Championships this year?

EC: Queensland, July/August

INSIDER: What would you say are your greatest strengths and areas for improvement?

EC: Strengths - to read the play and be clean with my ball use. Improvements - To be more explosive.

INSIDER: Who is your harshest critic in the family?

EC: My brother Will!

INSIDER: In a freakish sense, which player at the Rebels can do things on-field that others can't?

EC: Millie Lang

INSIDER: Who at Bacchus Marsh has the most upside from a junior perspective?

EC: Anika Tran and Emily Kennedy

INSIDER: Who (at the Rebels and the Marsh) would you like kicking for goal after the siren to win you a game of footy?

EC: Rebels - Claire Mahony. Marsh - Olivia Dilges

INSIDER: Who is your favorite footy person at the Bacchus Marsh FNC?

EC: Sissa Bassett

INSIDER: What's your favorite thing that is considered authentically Australian?

EC: Tim Tams

INSIDER: If you won a holiday to anywhere in the world outside Australia where would you like to go?

EC: Greece or Italy

INSIDER: What's your favorite TV series to stream at the moment?

EC: Kath and Kim

INSIDER: Taylor Swift took Melbourne by storm earlier this year - are you a 'Swifty'?

EC: Not really

INSIDER: Give us your footy head rating out of 10?

EC: 7/10

INSIDER: What's your favorite meal before and after a big game?

EC: Pasta

INSIDER: Favorite AFLW club and player?

EC: Geelong, Georgie Prespakis

INSIDER: If you could add three players from other BFLW clubs to the Cobras list, who would you pick?

EC: Bella Davies (North Ballarat), Tyla Crabtree (Redan), Claire Mahony (Lake Wendouree)

INSIDER: Shane, thanks for organising the chat - describe in a word how Elise's footy journey is travelling in your eyes?

SHANE COOK: Proud that she is progressing and enjoying her footy.