At The Bar with Jake Thornton-Gielen

At The Bar

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  • Name:
    Jake Thornton-Gielen
  • Age:
  • Previous Clubs:
    Melton South Juniors
  • Occupation:
  • Footy Highlight:
    Under 16 Premiership
  • Hobbies:

INSIDER: What did you manage to get done during COVID?

JAKE: Sleep and more sleep!

INSIDER: Did you miss footy as much as you thought you would?

JAKE: Not so much game day, but definitely the boys around the club mid-week.

INSIDER: Who would you have at the club kicking for goal to win you a game after the siren?

JAKE: Dylan Conway, the big dog!

INSIDER: Who is more likely to give a goal away to a team-mate, you or your brother Will?

JAKE: Me, no doubt whatsoever!

INSIDER: If you had to cook for the whole club what would be your signature dish of approval?

JAKE: Chicken Parmigiana

INSIDER: What is the hardest trip in BFNL?

JAKE: Eastern Oval (East Point)

INSIDER: Who is your favorite footy person at the club?

JAKE: Matt Sullivan

INSIDER: What other sport could you play at a high level if there was no footy?

JAKE: Cricket (played subbies)

INSIDER: Who is the quickest at the club over 30m?

JAKE: Probably me

INSIDER: Who is the last person you would want to share a room with on a footy trip?

JAKE: Jayden Smoors

INSIDER: Which ground is your favorite surface to play on in the BFNL?

JAKE: Melton South, of course

INSIDER: Who is the most underrated player at Melton South?

JAKE: Brad Olsson, no-one knows how good he is yet

INSIDER: if you could have any of the following Jakes on your team who would pick: Edwards, McQueen, or Owen?

JAKE: McQueen (East Point)

INSIDER: Flag tip outside of Melton South?

JAKE: Sebastopol

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