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Player Points

This PPS Policy sets out a framework of rules and guiding principles in relation to a player points system which are adopted by the Ballarat FNL and Community Clubs in order to achieve the objectives below.

The objectives of the PPS Policy are as follows, to:

1. support equalization of community football Competitions;

2. ensure teams fielded in the Competitions are strong and as equally matched as possible;

3. provide the best opportunities for players to develop and display their skills;

4. reduce the inflationary nature of player payments to assist clubs survive financially and reduce financial burden/stress on Clubs;

5. promote player loyalty and junior development;

6. support the role volunteers undertake in managing their Clubs by; -

- minimising the need to fundraise for player payments

- providing a more competitive environment on field, that encourages more volunteers to support at Club level

- providing incentive to spend more time and effort in the development of football, a welcoming Club environment and growing the game within the local community.

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