At The Bar with Ashley Simpson

At The Bar

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  • Name:
    Ashley Simpson
  • Age:
  • Previous Clubs:
    Lakers junior
  • Occupation:
    Project Manager
  • Footy Highlight:
    2 Herald Sun Shield wins (St Pats)
  • Hobbies:
    Basketball, golf
  • Preferred Position:

INSIDER: What do you attribute most to your (personal) exceptional start to the season?

ASHLEY: Good teammates

INSIDER: What expectations does the group have on how far they can go in 2021?

ASHLEY: If we stick to our processes, results will take care of themselves.

INSIDER: Who would you have at the club kicking for goal to win you a game after the siren?

ASHLEY: Geoff Hunter

INSIDER: Tell us about Josh Rensch, Best on Ground last week, 17-year-old on debut...

ASHLEY: Pretty lucky to have him at the moment, he’s a special talent, gun - one of four from the Rebels.

INSIDER: If you had to cook for the whole club what would be your signature dish?

ASHLEY: Toast, simple bunch, LOL.

INSIDER: Favourite AFL Club and player?

ASHLEY: Collingwood, John Noble

INSIDER: Who at the club is really not as funny as he thinks he is?

ASHLEY: There's plenty, but I'll go with Callum McKay.

INSIDER: What other sport could you play at a high level if there were no footy?

ASHLEY: Ping pong

INSIDER: Who wins the 2km time trial at Lakers?

ASHLEY: Lachie Dodd or Jessie McLean

INSIDER: Which Lakers player would be the best chance to win a million dollars on a quiz show?

ASHLEY: Nick Rippon

INSIDER: What TV show did you binge-watch during COVID?

ASHLEY: The Office (UK)

INSIDER: If you could add any forward, mid and back to your side from within the BFNL, who would you take? Name one of each.

ASHLEY: 'Vintage' Bryce McDougall (East Point forward), Lachie Cassidy (Sebastopol), Tony Lockyer (Sebastopol)

INSIDER: Does the club expect to see former Western Bulldog Fergus Greene play this season, given his affiliation with Box Hill?

ASHLEY: Yes, well, he's keen. But his VFL form is very good at the moment.

INSIDER: Give us your flag tip (outside Lakers) and your Hendo tip for 2021...

ASHLEY: Sebastopol and Lachie Cassidy

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