At The Bar with Will Garner

At The Bar

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  • Name:
    Will Garner
  • Age:
  • Previous Clubs:
    Ballarat Junior
  • Occupation:
    Bottle O man
  • Footy Highlight:
    Senior debut 17 years old
  • Hobbies:
    Surfing and camping

INSIDER: Tell us about your coach Joe Carmody - his influence on your footy?

WILL: Great connection with the whole group

INSIDER: In a freakish sense which player at the club can do things on-field that others can't? 

WILL: Daniel Kennedy 

INSIDER: Name three reasons that justify the team's overall improvement...

WILL: Hard work, commitment, buy-in

INSIDER: Who would you have at the club kicking for goal to win you a game after the siren?

WILL: Andrew Hooper

INSIDER: What do you associate with the rise of Bailey Van de Heuvel?

WILL: Plenty of hard work, surprised he hadn't been picked up earlier

INSIDER: What do you think a pass mark for the club is this year?

WILL: Playing finals

INSIDER: With which BFNL club do you share your greatest rivalry?

WILL: North Ballarat City

INSIDER: What non-playing assets has Josh Gibson brought to the club? 

WILL: A lot of time for everyone, guidance, and has brought belief

INSIDER: Who is your favorite footy person at the club?

WILL: Grant Baldwin

INSIDER: Who at the club is most likely to take Mark of the Year?

WILL: Carter Prendergast

INSIDER: What other sport could you play at a high level if there were no footy? 

WILL: Probably!

INSIDER: Who is the quickest at the club over 30m?

WILL: Andrew Hooper

INSIDER: Who is the last person you would want to share a room with on a footy trip?

WILL: Daniel Kennedy, just doesn't shut up!

INSIDER: If you had to cook for the whole club what would be your signature dish of approval?

WILL: Big batch of tacos (shop-bought!)

INSIDER: Who at the club would most likely win a million dollars on a quiz show?

WILL: Luke Wynd

INSIDER: Favorite AFL club and player?

WILL: Geelong, Gary Ablett Jr

INSIDER: If you could add three players from other clubs to your list, who would you pick?

WILL: Tony Lockyer (Sebastopol - back), Lachie George (Redan - midfield), James Keeble (Sebastopol - forward)

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