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AFL Victoria Policies

  • AFL Anti-Doping Code

    WARNING: By this Code the AFL prohibits the classes of substances and methods which are prohibited under the World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited List.

    Substances are prohibited if they fall into the prohibited classes identified in this Code. The substances described in each prohibited class are examples only. Substances which are not included as examples are prohibited if they fall within a prohibited class.

    It is the responsibility of each Player to ensure that he does not use or administer prohibited substances or prohibited methods, whether or not included as examples.

  • Cyber Safety Policy

    AFL Goldfields has an obligation to maintain a safe physical and emotional environment for our affiliated leagues, their league officials, staff, registered players, umpires, coaches, club members, parents, spectators and sponsors.

    This responsibility is increasingly being linked to the use of the Internet and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), and has seen the emergence of a number of related Cybersafety issues. The Internet and ICT devices/equipment bring great benefits to all users and to the effective operation of the AFL Victoria, individual leagues and clubs.

    AFL Goldfields places a high priority on the acceptable use of ICT devices/equipment which will benefit members however; it recognises that the presence in the sporting arena of these technologies can also facilitate anti-social, inappropriate, and even illegal behaviour and activities. AFL Goldfields aims, therefore, to maximise the benefits of these technologies, while at the same time to minimise the dangers and manage the risks.

  • Extreme Weather Policy

    AFL Goldfields recognises that Victorian weather can throw up all kinds of challenges for community Football Clubs.

    Clubs may be confronted with weather conditions that vary from extreme heat to extreme cold. The following policy has been developed to assist clubs in making a decision on the continuation of play should they be presented with an extreme weather situation.