Child Safety Standards

AFL Victoria put steps in place at the beginning of 2017 for Clubs, Associations & Leagues to begin implementing, with further development of a national AFL Child Safe Policy continuing.  Additional education, templates and support will continue to be provided as we continue to improve the safety of our football environments for children. 

The Commission for Children and Young People, who are the regulating body in Victoria for the Child Safe Standards, understand that we can’t get everything perfect from the beginning, but want to see organisations working on this and actively improving.  We are consciously staging the approach we use, putting small steps in place gradually to try and achieve the best outcomes, and not bombard  everyone with everything at once. 

Please be aware though, if you chose not to work on these steps, you do leave yourself and your organisation open to be audited by the Commission.  We ask you all to work on this as a long term project, it really is a journey to take place over the coming years, that will be an ever-evolving piece in making small changes to our environments so that in five years time, we can look back on the progress that has been made and be proud of how we safeguard children in football.

See below for important documents distributed by AFL Victoria that clubs should be aware of: 

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