Female Player to Coach Program

The female player to coach program aims to provide opportunity for women to easily transition from a playing capacity into a coach. It aims to utilise resources and community connections to easily educate and develop female players. Ultimately, the program will ensure that females continue to contribute and thrive within the football community.

Part 1

  1. State webinar series to explain the purpose of the program and generate interest. Guest panels will deliver sessions to identified female candidates.
  • Webinar 1: Monday October 18th, 2021, 7pm
  • Webinar 2: TBC (confirmed post webinar 1)
  • Webinar 3: TBC (January – February period 2022)

Part 2

  1. Online CoachAFL Foundation Course (Junior, Youth or Senior course) offered to all candidates
  2. Regional workshop with high profile AFLW/VFLW female coach guest speaker. Link in with other stakeholders if possible
  3. Regional/League based Club Coach Director/Coordinator information session
  4. Follow up with an individual club information session (if required)

Part 3

  1. Connect the candidate with a junior, youth or senior local club (depending on the players coaching interest) to formulate a “buddy coach” system to ensure the candidate is well supported and guided throughout the program
  2. The “buddy Coach” implements training session and game day shadowing opportunities with the candidate.
  3. AFL Victoria conducts a mid-season check in with the candidates and identifies the community clubs who haven’t been able to organise development opportunities and provides additional support where required
  4. Post season, AFL Victoria continues to follow up with candidates to assist in the transition from female player to coach

Incentives for the Player becoming a coach

  • Introductory session around Coach.afl and RM Coach led by AFL Victoria or state bodies
  • Coach.AFL membership fee and foundation course offering waived by AFL Victoria
  • Possible club-based incentives such as reduced playing subs for the season

Incentives for the Club to support transition of the player to coach

  • AFL Vic led exclusive coaching sessions for clubs active in this area

Player to Coach - Recruiting Tips & Co-Coaching opportunities

Be open to flexibility - Some players may have work, family or study commitments that compete for their time. If you have a great coach who is keen to be involved but is only available for one training night a week, find a role that suits their level of time commitment.

Offer support within the role - It is important for female coaches to know they are supported. This enables confidence that they can take on the role. Show them how the club will back them and provide development.

Ask & Encourage - Be sure to approach potential coaches and promote an inclusive club culture. Engage current players to give them confidence to apply for the role.

Co-Coaching - If the player is new to coaching, offer the opportunity to pair up with an experienced coach as a mentor. Have them shadow an experienced coach at the club and allow them to see the game from a different perspective.

Resources - Providing the right resources to enable them to feel confident, asking questions of what they feel they need. It is important that the language around female coaches are inclusive, welcoming, and supports the coach.

Acknowledgement: Female Coaching Working Group. Members; Alicia Drew, Nick Eades, Eliza Straford, Shannon Gore, Mercedes Mathewson-Vardy, Grace Nicholls, Rebecca Herft, Jake McLean, Tara Tolios & Rick Coburn

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