BFNL to Launch Competition Stats

The McDonald's Ballarat FNL is excited to announce a partnership with Premier Data to provide senior competition stats in Season 2022.

The provision of match statistics by Premier Data will ensure all senior BFNL football games played in 2022 will have a thorough review, with the data provided helping to tell the full story of where games have been won and lost. 

As a leading competition stats provider across community football, Premier Data has a proven track record of efficiency, accuracy and professionalism that will further enhance the Ballarat FNL’s standing as the most prominent and progressive league in regional Victoria. 

With a live-streamed Match of The Round and other exciting announcements to come that will sit alongside the introduction of competition stats, the BFNL looks forward to providing greater access to members and supporters than has ever been available in the past. 

From Premier Data founder Tony Pucella: 

"Premier Data are thrilled to have partnered with the Ballarat FNL for 2022. General Manager Shane Anwyl and the league executive has worked hard to now provide the coaches, players and clubs with the premier supplier and currency of Aussie Rules statistics in Australia, Premier Data. 

"The Ballarat FNL is one of the strongest leagues in Victoria, and its ability to tell the story by the numbers only enhances its standings as a destination league. Coaches and clubs will look forward to the most comprehensive breakdown of matches and the season with endless stats and vision to leave nothing to chance. 

"Premier Data and excited for the journey ahead and increased interest to an icon of leagues across Victoria. 

“This is an amazing opportunity to help showcase some of the best footballers in the state while helping to provide an added level of excitement and commercial opportunities to the clubs and Ballarat FNL after some challenging years.” 

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